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Track news headlines from Utah and across the United States. We will be compiling news stories to help us all be more informed about the issues that matter to us. Please check back regularly; this is a work in progress! If you would like to join our team as a curator of news stories, sign up & volunteer!


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Growing a grassroots organization is ongoing work. Our leadership team and their networks are engaged in community actions that don't always make the news despite being news-worthy.


Being featured in a reporter's story on an event or a movement requires a bit of luck and, most often, some dedicated PR work.

As you will know, when someone is working on improving their community they will rarely have the time or the energy to get the word of their important cause and efforts to reporters. They'll. have even less time and energy to write their own opinion pieces or editorials.

Utah Alliance Coalition's goal is to develop a stable institutional foundation and volunteer base to allow us to take on the work of amplifying YOUR efforts. Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

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