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Image by Yannick Menard

Rural Utah

Utah farmer plants differently to save soil moisture during historic drought
Every drop of water makes a difference, the farmer said.

Box Elder County, Utah • A Utah farmer says he planted his corn crop differently this year as a way to preserve soil moisture during Utah’s historic drought.

“I love working with the soil, I love improving it, I love coming up with new and innovative ways to take on these challenges,” said Joel Ferry, a fifth-generation farmer.

For the past four years, Ferry has been trying out a new way to prepare the soil for planting his 200 acres of corn.

Instead of tilling and turning over his entire field, he tills in strips — leaving pieces untouched, still covered by last year’s nutrients.

“You can see there is a bunch of lead material, and what that does is it protects that from the sun in the springtime so the ground stays wetter because it’s shaded,” Ferry said. “And so when we go and plant, we already have the moisture there to get the seed started.”

May 9, 2022

Erin Cox


Where does Moab belong? The city is split into two House districts and locals want that to change
Politically, Moab is a blue dot in a sea of red. The city is split down the middle into two different state House districts.

At an early October public hearing hosted by the Legislative Redistricting Committee in Moab, local residents told lawmakers the district split dilutes their voice in the state Legislature. They asked the committee to put the city into one district as it redraws the lines.

Oct 21, 2021

Sonja Hutson


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