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SURVEY: City/County Clerk Candidates

2022 Candidate Survey

City/County Clerk

Utah Alliance Coalition is a grassroots organization with the core values of equity and sustainability. Our goal is to partner with like-minded grassroots groups across the state of Utah to amplify their work supporting all Utahns. Toward this end, we are asking candidates in races across the state to provide information—in their own voices—that we can make available on our website for voters to reference when preparing to cast their votes.


This survey is in long-answer format to allow you to explain your positions on important issues; you may respond in lists. If you have additional information you would like to include, you may upload a file through this form—or you can always send us an email.

We look forward to developing a relationship with you and working to find volunteers and other forms of support for your campaign.

                    Equitably Yours,


                                         Utah Alliance Coalition

Candiate Survey

Candidate Survey

Please read through the survey before starting.

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Contact Information

Campaign Information

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About You

Tell us about yourself: this could include biographical details, a list of hobbies, professional accomplishments, or anything you’d like to highlight.

A decision to run for office can often be a difficult one: why did you decide to run for city/county clerk, i.e. what are your guiding principles?

What professional or volunteer experience do you have in that makes you uniquely qualified for this position?

What community groups, nonprofit organizations, or professional organizations do you belong to or align with?

Campaign Strategy

What local community members, professional associates, or elected officials have encouraged you to run for office or endorsed your campaign?

Describe your strategy for victory in your campaign; i.e., what is your messaging? How will it appeal to a majority of voters in your district? Are you working closely with any other campagins?

The Office

What is one achievement of the current city/county clerk you admire or respect? If you are an incumbent, please sing your own praise!

Based on your experience and personal qualities, how will you—specifically YOU—be a positive and lasting influence on the office of city/county clerk?

What is one specific, achievable goal you would like to start working toward as soon as your term begins?

The Job

Do you feel elections in your city/county have been run securely and ethically? Are you aware of—or do you assert any—areas of weakness that you would like to improve upon? Concerns may relate to the technology (whether paper or electronic) used to run elections or to social attitudes about elections. If you have concerns, what is your plan to address those?

Do you feel all city/county voters have equal and fair access to election information and to the polls? Would you like to tighten security or to expand access to the process of receiving and casting a ballot?

Do you feel there is adequate transparency around the processes of initiating a campaign, funding a campaign, running a campaign, and being elected; i.e. does the office for which you are running make it easy for a citizen to request *and get* access to publicly filed campaign records?

Do you feel city/county records (meeting schedules, agendas, minutes; development plans, comment periods, records; etc.) are made available to the public in a way that promotes trust and civic engagement?

Do you believe it is within the right of city/county clerk's office official to use their personal religious views as the basis for refusing to perform same-sex marriages or marriages between individuals who do not identify as "one man and one woman"?

Is there an unasked question you would love to answer? Please tell us about the issue you are passionate about that we have not touched upon.

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Campaign Information
About You
The Office
Campaign Stragegy
The Job
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