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Eleanor Sundwall

Co-Founder, Web-Design/Master, Secretary

Eleanor is a stay at home mom of two daughters. She is a longtime school volunteer who has held numerous leadership roles in the PTA and on her school community council. She believes that every child is as valuable and as deserving of support and advocacy as her own children; because she knows representation matters—especially in leadership roles—she works to encourage other parents to participate in volunteer and advocacy work.

She is passionate about individual participation in local communities, broader society, and democracy. She takes her own participation in these processes seriously and maintains (minor) leadership roles in the SLCo Democratic Party, has served as a UDP delegate, and is a named plaintiff in the anti-gerrymandering lawsuit filed against the state of Utah by the League of Women Voters (LWVUT) and Mormon Women for Ethical Government (MWEG).

As a member of the leadership team for the Concerned Coalition (CC), she has worked to promote the separation of partisan politics from public health and to support safe and healthy learning environments for all Utah children.

As a co-founder of the Utah Alliance Coalition, she has developed UAC brand elements, designed and constructed the group’s website, and worked behind the scenes on general housekeeping, long-term organizational planning, and outreach and communications. She was the organizer of the 2022 Mother’s Day March in support of Roe v Wade.

The way to creating an equitable and sustainable Utah is through relationship building.

P.S. She also maintains the website, so if you notice problems, address emails to her!

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