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Frank Brannan

Frank Brannan, co-founder of Utah Alliance Coalition, is active in Utah politics and wants to see some positive change in our political climate.  Utahns are faced with a plethora of unwanted culture war issues over all manner of things most Utahns believe are manufactured by some for ideological, political, or commercial gain.  Book banning results from the efforts of a small group of conservative parents who have been able to set legislation determining what books should be banned from our school libraries.  The legislation is the government co-parenting our children.  Frank Brannan believes in the agency of parents to decide what is best for their family and children.  Books with diverse themes are a prerequisite for a well-rounded education in our increasingly complex world.  Frank hopes Utahns will stand up and vote down elected officials who  presume to know better than us what is best for our families. 

Check out Episode Four: Frank Brannan here.

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