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SURVEY: School Board Candidates

2022 Candidate Survey

School Board

Utah Alliance Coalition is a grassroots organization with the core values of equity and sustainability. Our goal is to partner with like-minded grassroots groups across the state of Utah to amplify their work supporting all Utahns. Toward this end, we are asking candidates in races across the state to provide information—in their own voices—that we can make available on our website for voters to reference when preparing to cast their votes.


This survey is in long-answer format to allow you to explain your positions on important issues; you may respond in lists. If you have additional information you would like to include, you may upload a file through this form—or you can always send us an email.

We look forward to developing a relationship with you and working to find volunteers and other forms of support for your campaign.

                          Equitably Yours,


                                          Utah Alliance Coalition

Candiate Survey
Contact Informatin

Contact Information

Campaign Information

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Campaign Strategy

Describe your strategy for victory in your campaign; i.e., what is your messaging? How will it appeal to a majority of voters in your district? Are you working closely with any other campaigns?

About You

Tell us about yourself: this could include biographical details, a list of hobbies, professional accomplishments, or anything you’d like to highlight.

A decision to run for office can often be a difficult one: why did you decide to run for school board, i.e. what are your guiding principles?

What professional or volunteer experience do you have in the Utah education system?

What community groups, nonprofit organizations, or professional organizations do you belong to or align with?

What local community members, professional associates, or elected officials have encouraged you to run for office or endorsed your campaign?

Based on your educational philosophy/core values, what is at least one way that you can positively influence your school district as a school board member?

Administrative Approach

What do you believe is the best way for local or state school boards to support administrators?

What do you believe is the best way for local or state school boards to support teachers?

What do you believe is the best way for local or state school boards to support students?

What do you believe is the best way for local or state school boards to support parents?

What is something the school board you are running for has done right?

As a school board member, what specific, achievable goals do you have?

Issues in Modern Education

There is a well-established and transparent process for book challenges and removals; recently, a minority of parents and parent-groups have advocated for testing the limits of established practice by using social media to spread disinformation about books and librarians. How do you feel about the existing policy and efforts to circumvent it?

What role do school boards have in establishing policies that promote inclusion and diversity?

Another ongoing debate is focused on the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Utah’s K-12 schools. If you are asked: “Are you promoting Critical Race Theory in K-12 schools?" How would you respond?

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions are prevalent among Utah’s youth. Do you believe Utah’s educational system has a role to play in supporting the social and emotional wellness of its students? How can school boards support the needs of Utah students?

Do you support governmental appropriation of taxpayer funds to provide support to parents who wish to have their children attend private schools?

How has the politicization of education changed the campaigning process—and the nature of school boards, themselves? Is this change beneficial to Utah's public school system?

Is there an unasked question you would love to answer? Please tell us about the issue you are passionate about that we have not touched upon.

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Campaign Information
Campaign Stragegy
About You
Administrative Approach
Issues in Modern Education
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