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Frank Brannan


Until recently, I was a leader of the CD4 Coalition which is now the foundation for Utah Alliance Coalition. Shortly after the election of Ben McAdams to Congress in 2018, I assumed the role as chair of our leadership team. In 2020, I received, along with some other deserving people, the Dem Believer Award from the Salt Lake County Democratic Party. However, while accepting this award I am fully aware the honor belongs to all those who work tirelessly and selflessly to improve the lives of all Utahns no matter the specific focus of their work.

Our CD4 group focused primarily on the CD4 race. We were very instrumental in this successful campaign. I can’t thank enough the many individuals—including our leadership team—who mobilized community support to make that election a success. Because of those efforts, our district had representation in Congress. After the 2020 election and the ensuing district boundary changes, it was clear CD4 Coalition had to shift direction to be effective.

I am active and deeply committed to all matters of equity, the core value of Utah Alliance Coalition. I was able to work with several smaller groups to support a Shirley the Librarian project in which we sent Valentine cards to every school and public librarian in Utah. Its success was felt statewide in every library. I thank every individual and group, including some nonprofits, who made this possible.

Most progressive-leaning believers understand our community would be best served by a coalition of grassroots groups, working autonomously but under an umbrella supporting the work of each other. We sometimes do our work in cooperation with aligned nonprofits to facilitate effectiveness. Our efforts are beginning, but with community support from Utahns like you we will be able to make Utah a more equitable place for everyone living here.

I give a special thank you and immeasurable gratitude to the community leaders who form our founding leadership team. Without the boundless energy and deep commitment to our shared humanity, none of what we do is possible. Join us in our work to make Utah a welcome home for all of us.

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