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Utah Alliance Coalition Statement on Book Banning

Utah families value their personal freedom, including having the freedom to read without censorship by short-sighted politicians or extremist groups trying to impose their beliefs and reading tastes on all Utahns. Children’s education should not be dictated by the whims of politicians, or anyone attempting to decide what is appropriate to read. We recognize that literature that explores the full range of human experience gives our children a significant competitive advantage to thrive, succeed, and lead in a complex and increasingly diverse global economy.

We also recognize that library policies written to preserve First Amendment freedoms will protect access to legally published material for all Utahns, including material that reflects the voices and experiences of fellow Utahns who are in minority communities. All books that meet constitutional standards as determined by over a century of law should remain available in our libraries. We trust our families to decide for themselves what to read. And we trust our teachers and librarians to make this material available.

Below is a copy of a petition telling Utah leaders that we oppose book banning and government censorship. Please sign the petition, Don't Ban Books in Utah, and share it widely. Help us stop book banning in Utah.

This petition is hosted by Utah Families First (UFF) at


Don't Ban Books in Utah

Sign the petition to let our leaders in Utah know that you oppose book banning and government censorship.

Last year the Utah State legislature passed HB374 which has lead directly to books being banned in our school libraries. This hurts students and limits their ability to think for themselves, leaving them less self-reliant, and ill-prepared for success in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Legislators are now suggesting that they need to pass MORE censorship laws - even ones that could lead to arresting librarians and teachers for their commitment to protecting constitutional freedoms and access to information for students. They think they are the best judge of how to parent and teach Utah kids -- and they want to take away your freedom to choose books for you and your family.

We trust parents, librarians, and teachers to parent and teach, and think politicians should not be interfering or messing with our freedoms and liberties just to score donations from extremist political PACS.

Help fight against book bans and the attempts of short-sighted politicians who are willing to engage in government censorship and chip away at our freedoms for their own short-term political gain. Sign the petition today!

Note: Information provided through the petition is shared with UFF partners Utah Alliance Coalition and EveryLibrary.

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